If there is one thing I’ve learned about church planting it’s this….

We’ve been at this business of church planting for around a year now. We have launched monthly services in the local school and we are no longer meeting as a house church any longer. We are closer to establishing the church we set out to plant a year ago.

What’s the one most valuable lesson we have learned in this time? Yes it’s important to be able to think strategically, lay out plans and see the big picture, to be good with people, to look for things that connect and engage people, but the most important thing of all is …perseverance.


The one thing you can guarantee about this type of work is that you will experience rejection, get knock backs and people will disappoint you. We have seen all of those things over the past year.

If you have ever read much church history, you will see many examples of perseverance. Just the other day I was reading about the monastic movement and how it was these guys who really won Western Europe for Christ. They persevered through repeated invasions, a tumultuous time in European history, their buildings were torn down and communities devastated, but through their dedication and patience, churches were established and many people gave their lives to Christ.

I pray that we can continue with our work here with the same determination and commitment to follow Jesus. We follow a missionary God, who asks us to look outwards. I want to keep that apostolic impulse at the heart of everything we do in our work here. Sometimes its hard to keep going, but we have plenty of people who have gone before us to inspire us.


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