‘Little’ Miracles

Are any miracles really ‘little’?

We’ve been walking alongside a family here in our community who have decades of baggage, generations of brokenness. This past month it has felt like the fires have been stoked beneath them, as in we’ve been fighting fires daily and they have been going from crises to crises. We look at the situation from a spiritual perspective, that there is a war going on for them as they seek to have faith in Jesus and live for Him.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.
Ephesians 6:12

We have been fasting and praying for breakthrough and today I believe we experienced it! The eldest daughter in this family has been caring for her nephew the past 4 years as well as working odd cleaning jobs through a temp agency. She has never had a job other than casual work here and there, but is reliable, dependable and faithful. I’ve committed to walk with her through the process of applying for jobs and its only been a few weeks, but its a hard slough.

Back in December she went to apply at a local fast food restaurant where her brother has worked for over a year. When she handed in her application, the manager took a look at her hand, saw the flower tattoo on it, and told her immediately she wouldn’t be considered for a job there. They have a no visible tattoo policy – and even though hers is tasteful, they were not budging.

Last week her brother came to her to say that there was a job for her at this restaurant, she only needed to come in & apply and she would have the job. So on Tuesday morning I went with her to the restaurant and I helped her fill out the application again. She handed it in and was told to come in the next day to fill out the employment paperwork. Sounded great! No mention of the tattoo, no concerns…flower tatto

So I came in with her the next day (today) to be told that she was going to be interviewed by the same manager who had told her no because of the tattoo 2 months ago. And we had to wait about an hour before he would be ready. See when she filled out the application yesterday we had to read some of their policies, one being that they do NOT allow visible tattoos. The whole 10 minutes she was talking with this manager I sat there thinking, how is this going to work? Surely he’s going to take one look at her hand again and send her away. This is going to be one more knock to the family’s hope. And honestly, I didn’t even find the faith to believe God to make a way this time…I was thinking in my head about where we should go next to apply for jobs again.

And then it happens – she walks over, shows me the paper, says she’s got the job! Still unbelieving, I say but he didn’t see your tattoo? He did, she said, but he said it was ok this time, that it wasn’t offensive so don’t worry about it…! Miracle. Little in the scheme of things, but miracle all the same! I’m floored, truly, and repentant that I didn’t believe in God for more. I’ve been asking Him for more for this family for quite a while and have felt knocked down myself in defeat a few times. But as we’ve been proclaiming to them, I have to remind myself too today, that He is a Good, Good Father who has the best for us, all in His timing.

Thank the God of miracles with us today for providing and showing us His Glory in a seemingly impossible situation!


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