Inner Healing Prayer

One of the most fulfilling aspects of ministry right now for me is the opportunity to lead and share in Inner Healing Prayer with our neighbors. Some may not be too familiar with this type of prayer, I was only introduced to it in 2012 but have since received it a handful of times and have found a lot of healing and nearness to Jesus through it.

Inner Healing Prayer for me is a chance to walk with someone as they meet with Jesus. I’m not a counselor or therapist. But what I can do is encourage a friend or neighbor to bring their hurts, their past, and their emotions to Jesus to see how He wants to address them in His Presence.

My journey with Inner Healing prayer began in 2012 when I had been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks for 5 years. I had been on medication & sought counseling which was all helpful and I encourage others to do. But I always felt there was another level to the fear I was experiencing, a spiritual place that wasn’t being addressed by these methods. I was introduced by my Pastors to a group that had been trained in this type of prayer and 2 ladies spent a few evenings over the course of a few months praying with and for me. They led me into Jesus’ Presence and allowed Him to minister to me, with no agenda of their own. I found deep healing through this, I can honestly say that over the past 3 years I’ve never experienced anxiety like I did before then!

I knew as I began to learn about this prayer that it was a gifting God was calling out in myself to offer to others. I sought to learn more and was trained in my local church. I was amazed and so thankful to find upon joining Servant Partners that this type of prayer is used as a ministry and outreach tool in many sites, and even a prominent part of their Member Care to us as staff.

My SP teammate, Sarah, also has a heart for this prayer and so we have begun meeting with a few women in our neighborhood to pray and seek out healing with them. It has been so exciting to see their excitement at hearing God for themselves and to share in their healing and faith journey! I look forward to how this will continue to grow and develop as we offer it to more women and men in our community.



One thought on “Inner Healing Prayer

  1. Amazing Jennie. I’d love to hear more. I’ve been thinking of you constantly and would love to call. When things settle a bit here I will.

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