Grieving the Brokenness, Hoping in Jesus’ Life

12334-Jesus-Is-More-Than-BrokennessThis morning my emotions overwhelmed me as I prayed for our friend who is in court today. He has a rough past and even recently has made some bad choices which is why he’s in court. And yet, Jesus is moving in his heart. He’s praying with and for us, he’s desiring and taking steps towards a more stable, healthy life for his family, he’s starting to read the Bible weekly with Mark and a couple other guys. He has a lot of potential and promise, which we continually speak over him and believe for him. He’s beginning to believe it too!
Which makes this morning even harder…the max he could get today is 6 months’ jail time, but it is possible that he will get off on probation. We’re praying for the latter as we feel his repentance and humility right now are honest. But the thought of him being sent away right now, for 6 weeks, for 3 months, or more just feels frustrating when it seems so right for him to be continuing on the path he’s on right now – a steady job, growing healthy friendships and trying to piece his life together well.
We do trust that whatever the outcome, God is pursuing him with His Love and that won’t stop! Which is comforting!
The brokenness here sometimes feels infinite, layer after layer of hurt, betrayal, sin, shame, guilt… It definitely overwhelms somedays. And yet HOPE is ever-present and NEVER out of reach! We believe this for our friends and neighbors and trust that they are beginning to see and believe this too. Jesus is their only HOPE. We’re grateful to be part of sharing that truth and honored to be invited into their lives to believe it for them too!


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