Upside Down Kingdom…Part 1

What in the world does the phrase ‘Upside Down Kingdom’ mean? I’d like to have an ongoing series of posts here that depict what this means to us.

Today, I read this blog post and was struck by the following. This is our hope and vision, this is a piece of what the Upside Down Kingdom means for us as a family:

“What if success wasn’t measured by money, but by the number of people you helped pull out poverty?

What if we were judged not only by the accomplishments of our children, but by the accomplishments of the families we helped repair?

What if status wasn’t determined by the corporate or political ladder we climbed, but by the communities we helped build?

What if a home wasn’t measured by square footage, but by the lives we touched?

What if we didn’t treat innovation as synonymous with technological advancement, but by the advancement of the people around us?

What if leaders were admired not for their ability to bend others to their will, but for their ability to bring together the ideas of many for a common purpose?

What if we were less driven by ego and more by conscience?

What if wealth wasn’t simply the accumulation of materials, but the number of stories we could tell?

What if legacy wasn’t based solely on our personal achievement, but also on the achievements of those who followed after us?”

Join us in this conversation – comment and tell us what the Upside Down Kingdom means to you.