So things are moving forward in our plans to join Servant Partners and move to San Antonio. We have almost completed the formal application process and have 1 final interview remaining. The feedback we have received through the process has been very positive so we hope to have received the final decision by the end of March.

We travel to the States at the end of the month. We will spend 10 days in Ohio with Jennie’s family. Most of Jennie’s family have not met kora, so we can’t wait to introduce her! We will spend the final week of the trip in San Antonio! Getting to know the neighbourhood, the city and some members of the team!

The visa application for Mark will take about 6 months, so we expect to submit the first part of the application in the next few weeks! Unexpectedly we found out recently that we can apply for a tax credit from the US government for Kora! We hadn’t planned on having this money at all, but it would pay completely for Marks visa! God is providing already!

Finally, we will need to raise support if we are going to make this happen. To cover all our living costs, we are going to need to raise approx $5000 / £3000 per month! This makes us pretty nervous, if we’re honest! Asking people for money doesn’t come easily to either of us. Infact I think if we felt God had given us a choice in this area we would have avoided it!

All Servant Partners staff are fully support raising. We have come to appreciate that this in an important part of our calling. It follows a biblical model of apostolic leadership, and we think is just as important for the giver as it is for us! There is a mutual partnership which we hope develops, nurtures and restores relationships.

We would like to ask you to consider supporting us and to take some time to pray about this! We don’t have details of how you can give at the moment but we will do by April!